High School Yearbook Presales

Due to the amount of unsold yearbooks in the past few years, we have chosen to presell yearbooks this year. Please purchase your yearbook by Wednesday, February 28th for $50.00 to guarantee you will receive a yearbook this spring! We will only order a few extra copies, which will be sold first come first serve.

Girls on the Run!

Attention all 6- 8 grade girls: Girls on the Run will be starting at the middle school on March 6th. Go to http://www.gotrsewa.org/Register-Now and register today!

Website Update

In the January newsletter, we were originally planning to have a temporary website ready to go for the January 18th Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance deadline. In order to create the best website for our community, this process will not be completed by the deadline we set for ourselves. Our goal is to be ADA compliant, and to do this, we will need to provide an alternative in the interim. Currently our plan is continue with the website as it stands now; in addition, we will have an ADA compliance specialist available for assistance in converting any resource into a compliant one. The full ADA compliant website is still under construction and projected to be completed in 12 weeks.

Hours of availability Monday-Friday 10am-2pm. Please allow 48 hours for response and five business days to convert a resource. Please note that the conversion of resources may take longer depending on content.

Bond Facilities Update

Thank you to the Columbia School District community for their overwhelming support in passing the construction bond.  This gift to the students and staff in our district is largely going towards remodeling our elementary multipurpose room into a dedicated cafeteria, adding staff bathrooms, adding new elementary classrooms, and constructing a new gym. 

Our architects have worked tirelessly with our school board to determine the new site and agree upon the general design for our elementary facilities.  Now that the school board approved the basic design, below is a link to the drawings.  We will change and update the website drawings from time-to-time as we move forward toward the realization of an exciting addition and renovation for Columbia Elementary School, which we plan to complete in preparation for the winter of 2018.

Bond Schematic Design

Welcome to Columbia School District!

Our Mission Statement: In partnership with our community, our mission is to provide relevant and challenging work that engages students so they persist when experiencing difficulties and have a sense of accomplishment when they succeed.

Upcoming Events

Monday, 19th:
Presdent's Day, School is closed!

Tuesday, 20th:
MS Boys Wrestling, Burbank at River View

Wednesday, 21st:
Coffee Talk at Baptitst Church in Arlene's Addition (8:00AM)
MS Girls Basketball Burbank at River View (4:00PM and 5:00PM)
Running Start Information Meeting at CHS Library (6:00PM)

Thursday, 22nd:
MS Girls Basketball, Burbank at Ki-Be (4:00PM)
MS Boys Wrestling at Royal (4:00PM)

Friday, 23rd:
HS Basketball Regionals

Saturday, 24th:
HS Basketball Regionals

DNA of Teaching & Learning

Core Logo

Curriculum Guide (includes C-Terms 360)


Common Language of Instruction

Teacher Principal Evaluation Frameworks (Danielson)

Instructional Coherence from Theory to Practice


This Week's Teacher Collaboration News

Monday, February 12, 2018:


Report Coming Soon


For Monday morning collaboration, the LAP and Resource Room teachers met to exchange resources pertaining to reading comprehension, as some students struggle to understand story problems. Both teachers shared what they currently do to assist students through complex passages and analyzed the reading workbook, titled “Assessment Prep for Common Core Reading,” for specific tasks that would complement their respective classes.

The Resource Room teacher also met with the 8th grade science teacher to seek info on how much time has been devoted to creating and working with circle graphs, as several 8thgraders who are in resource room for math are beginning several objectives in the Accelerated Math program that require analyzing circle graphs.

Two 6th grade teachers went over an assignment created for students to use as we read a class novel together. They looked at the structure of the questions and the type of questions to make sure they were appropriate for the grade level and presented several different levels of questions to help students engage with the story. Discussed practices for reading as a class and how the assignment would fit into that. Also discussed classroom management strategies for students.


At the 2/12 collaboration session at Columbia High School, the main topic for the day was our Mindsets work – helping students to gain grit in pursuing work through difficulties.  The first activity was to break down the messages from last Thursday’s assembly, put on by Next Level Mindsets, and seek ways to incorporate their recommendations into our classes.  Next we completed a book study lesson covering the text “Sparking Student Creativity:  Practical Ways to Promote Innovative Thinking and Problem Solving” by Patti Drapeau.  The text ties directly to students pushing through difficult learning situations, as well as fostering creativity.  Finally, staff began the process of working through a series of readings and webinars produced by the people behind the text “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success.”

Weather Delay & Closure Notifications

Watch this page for any school delays or closures during our winter season. We will be posting the details in a scrolling banner.

Parents, staff and students wishing to receive Columbia School District weather closure/delay announcements via email, text message, or push notification can sign up by going to

When you get to that page, start the process by entering your email address and setting a password. Once the account is established, you may add one or two additional email or cell text addresses. Each new entry will require you to launch a test message to that address which will contain a two-letter code which must be entered back onto your account page to ensure that the address(es) is valid, or by clicking the link in the message. Keep in mind that the cell phone companies can get backlogged on weather mornings as they try to keep up with the text messages, so it is recommended that you not rely entirely on text messages. We recommend you download the new, free app for iOS and Android called FlashAlert Messenger. It uses push notification to send messages directly to your phone, bypassing the cell companies' text message channel. Search for FlashAlert Messenger at the iTunes App Store (iOS) or at Google Play (Android). 

Also check www.KNDU.com for area school delays and closures. 

Technology Updates

Technology Updates will return in the Fall. Stay Tuned!

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